Our consulting services related to the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU and the UK Recreational Craft Regulations

Primarily we are consultants helping clients achieving compliance with the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) and the UK Recreational Craft Regulations. To be absolutely clear, CEproof is not a notified body. We prepare the clients documents in every respect required for the CE certification of their boats, such as:

  • Assess the craft from concept-design through to  production. This allows us to resolve any non-conformities in the early stages rather than, as it is common with certification, only when testing the boat at the end of production.

  • Drafting and editing the technical documentation of your product. This includes all mandatory documentation data necessary for CE certification, This data is then  checked for compliance with the directive and the standards.

  • Post Construction Assessment (PCA): Imported boats of non EU countries without valid CE certification, refitted boats in need of new assessment, home build boats to  be sold within the five years exemption period. Boats that have bypassed the law and received no certification yet. etc.
  • Owners Manual, we issue owners manuals in compliance with the recreational craft directive in any of the Unions languages..

  • Declaration of Conformity, we issue declarations in all major EU languages

  • Legal certainty regarding liability, because we archive your technical documentation and manuals

  • Builders Plate, including the CE- and / or UKCA- mark and all necessary information

  • Craft Identification Number (CIN)

  • The complete handling of your certification project including communication with the notified body

Thus, with CEproof you have only one competent partner for  all aspects of the CE certification and UKCA certification process of your boat.

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